Rocks, Since the Beggining.

Knives with handcrafted finishes, crossing the future with tradition. Craftsmanship is hand in hand with technology.

Let’s imagine that cutting object, that sharp stone that served to cut. It is in that primary beginning that our roots lie. Nature is present not only in the concept of the knife, because after all we have been cutting since the beginning of time, but also in the materials themselves. Stone, later metal, then wood and other metals. More than knives, these objects are statements of human progress.

From utensils in agricultural activities to kitchens at home or in restaurants, from the pocket to the restaurant table, knives are a passion we share with you.

Our project has three phases. Table knives, kitchen knives, and a special object. Currently, we are presenting phase one with models inspired by knives from Portuguese agriculture that we have adapted to table knives. It is in this space that we will let you know about future developments.